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Could they make a wordless connection? Would they choose to see each other again for a more traditional date or was that their last dance? The looks on each of their faces when they first clapped eyes on each other was worth the entrance fee alone. Our other flirty dancers were rugby-playing civil servant Dan, 34, and singing graphic designer Luke, Their routine was more contemporary and playful as they leapt around an empty Tate Britain.

Banjo proved a warm presence and an engaging teacher, able to communicate his expertise without lapsing into luvvieness. Because this was Channel 4, locations were invariably hipster warehouses with exposed brick walls, kitted out with stainless steel and artfully battered leather. Every man we met was averse to wearing socks. Women were partial to tapping at laptops in coffee shops. The production was clearly influenced by classic Hollywood musicals and nostalgic film La La Land, with retro cinematic graphics and lots of dancing down streets.

Dancing together, it turned out, was a beautiful way for prospective partners to meet. There was a wholesome innocence to this show - so much so that it could surely be broadcast at an earlier hour than 10pm. It was an irresistible, grin-inducing illustration of the joys of dance. It might have sounded like a contrived format, but nobody puts Flirty Dancing in the corner.

Flirty Dancing, review: an irresistible, grin-inducing illustration of the joys of dance

We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. The tanzmaus was a donation of the university of Kiel; Clausthal was the first university to win the mouse. It is given to the winning university which "hosts" the price until the next ETDS. In December , a tournament during Sinterklaas took place. The tournament gained more participants and Berlin started participating as well.


Berlin won the dance mouse during this Sinterklaas tournament, and promised to organise the event somewhere in the future. During this tournament, only one class existed. In April , the tournament took place in Clausthal. This was the first tournament in which the team of Dortmund started participating. Some tournaments later, Ulm and Marburg started participating as well.

The University of Berlin fulfilled their promise in by taking care of the organisation of the tournament. The tournament still did not have separate classes.

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The next tournament took place in the spring of , and the tournament gained in popularity; fifteen universities from Germany participated. Also, for the first time, universities from the Netherlands started to participate. During autumn of , the number of participants had increased to such a high amount that problems started to arise between the organisation and the administration of Kiel. The result was that Kiel was disallowed to organise the event for five years.

Strictly Come Dancing stunner Ashley Roberts 'dating Giovanni Pernice'

The next tournament took place in the spring of , and for the first time, the tournament was separated into two classes. Leipzig also joined this tournament. The tournament that was held in the summer of was the first event to take place in the Netherlands. Groningen joined during this tournament.

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From now on, the ETDS was no longer organised on an ad hoc basis, but was organised regularly twice each year, during Pentecost and in the autumn, each time by a different university. The number of participants continued to grow, and around a third class, "masters", was added to the breitensport section. The event continued to grow in popularity, and participants were competing in the 47th edition during Pentecost, May In October , the event was held for the first time in the Czech Republic, in the city of Brno.

Every ETDS organisation is allowed to make their own rules for the tournament. Each organisation describes rules about clothing and the calculation of the tanzmaus evaluation. Because the focus of each organization may be different, the balance between social orientation and competition changes slightly. Nevertheless, several rules exist during each tournament:. Dancers can sign up for two disciplines, standard and Latin-American. In the breitensport class, only untrained and low level training dancers are allowed.

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They instead dance in the open class which ranges at least from B to S class dancers. Some hosting universities decide to provide another separate tournament for a class called CloseD, which consists of dancers of the official D and C classes varying between national dance associations. In case a separate tournament for this class is chosen not to be held, the organising team will classify the concerning dancers into either breitensport D class or open class C class.

Participants that belong to a dance formation may also be required to dance in the CloseD or open class, depending on the league in which their formation is classified. In the breitensport section, a pre-qualification round takes place, where each participating couple is classified into the amateur, professional "profi" , master or the optional champion class, so that each couple will dance the subsequent actual tournament in a class that matches their levels.

These tournaments follow the rules of official dancing tournaments. During the finals, open adjudication is sometimes performed, with each adjudicator showing their ranking of the couples on the floor immediately after each dance.

clublavoute.ca/fode-coslada-conocer-gente.php However, closed adjudication is often chosen in order to save time. There are winner's certificates and medals for all participants in the finals as well as trophies instead of medals for the podium finishers.