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Unfortunately, it is so glamorous that even good boys are tempted and getting into these criminal activities with reckless abandon. Let me share a story of a young boy I know and I will call him Dapo. He rented a duplex and came with an exotic car. Dapo was depressed; he has been working hard all his life but could barely make ends meet.

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He realized that his friend was a Yahoo boy and so he started rolling with him. Two months later, he told my friend he was no longer interested in working and that he wanted to relocate to Ghana. My friend did all he could to persuade him to have a change of mind, but his mind was already made up. Every time I remember this story my heart aches because this is a promising young boy who was snatched away by the lust for Yahoo Yahoo. There are so many young men like Dapo out there. Just last week, the operatives of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC raided Club 57 in Ikoyi, based on intelligent reports that some suspected internet fraudsters were having a good time there.

Yahoo boys have been trending that is why I have decided to set today aside to look at the women in their lives. I am talking about women who love them and who shield them despite knowing that they are dangerous. So, entrusting them with your heart will only get it shattered. They are probably reasonably attractive to their women and tell very good stories about their current situation and ambitions. Obviously, they are always of good behaviour during the wooing process and get their women all dazzled with pampering but afterwards, they start seeing the real men.

However, I have few words for every single girl who is in this kind of relationship; you are just an accident waiting to happen. It is true that you have a legit job yourself and you are not involved with your boyfriend criminal activities but you will be getting hooked with the most scandalous group of people you really did not want to be associated with. If you are a wise lady and you have found yourself in this kind of relationship, I think you should just take a walk before EFFC starts questioning you or you get the bullets flying over your head when there is crossfire.

We have been screaming about women empowerment and equality and men with criminal tendencies are usually ultimate male chauvinists. They think the world revolves around them and so every woman in their lives has to do their biddings.

You dare not challenge such men and you have to always meet their wishes. The interesting thing about these men is that some of them find women who are very much like them. Women, who seek excitement and adventures. But, if there was a major issue, he would have your back no questions asked.

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The thing I miss most about working for Yahoo, is working with some of the smartest and most influential people in the industry. Free Snacks, great benefits, good co-workers, very friendly environment, laid back. Very high learning curve. You either learn it fast, already know it or you will fail.

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Worked long back, not sure about the current state, i think its sold to verizon now. It was a great American company, i was part of this when it was declining, had developed work processes, and elaborate employee work benefits. Managers are hateful , little pay , too much hours of hard work and no benefits , that's job literally sucks , I wouldn't recommend it to anyone , managers take everything personal. I had a great experience at Yahoo as I l managed a team of sales folks across the country to provide the rights solutions to our clients in an ever changing digital environment.

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We acquired many companies during my tenure there and had to pivot quickly to incorporate this within our offerings to our clients! Strategy changes often, which effects teams directly. No job is safe; everyone is on the edge of getting laid off at any point in time because of strategy changing on a whim. Cool place to work, but no advancement opportunities for me. I really liked working at Yahoo.


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I left because there was absolutely no chance to advance. Also, Yahoo went through a rash of new CEO's and the company felt "unstable. The pay was a little on the low side compared to other datacenters in the area. Yahoo is a great place to work. I worked at Yahoo for 12 years.

The people are amazing and the benefits are top notch. Great company, great culture and values now part of Verizon. A great silicon valley culture full of benefits and perks. It was a pleasure working for them. Affected by a long stretch of instability because of investors pressure.

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Nice place to work. Excellent opportunity to learn and advance knowlege. Great offices, intelligent co-workers. Infrastructure to work with. With an good manager at the helm one should be able to learn considerable amount tech stuff in a year's time.

What companies can learn from Yahoo employees’ feedback

Totally believe in spirits, totally believe that you can have a relationship with a spirit. You can probably even have a sexual relationship with someone the way you can have phone sex with someone. I mean, duh, honey. First of all, store bought pies are disgusting and I wish you had people in your life that were willing to put some chocolate Jell-O in a pie shell for you. That might be something you want to look into.

Unless you like, literally never get fucked except for one time eight weeks and four days ago and this whole thing is just a fluke. Maybe do a scan on something before you spoon it into your pregnant mouth.

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Just a little peek before you shove it in your face hole. Okay, so build a time machine then take that time machine back to when you first discovered that your now-husband was cheating on you via the Internet because girl, they never quit. That is not a small issue if it hurts your feelings.